Glass Hand Pipes & Water Pipes

Happy Shack has a wide selection of glass.

Hand pipes, water pipes and bongs oh my!

Happy Shack’s got your back when you’re in the market for some glass. From water-based pipes, bongs and bubblers with intricate percolators and diffusers to big water pipes with ample bubbles and small ones too. Maybe you’re looking for a simple chillum for your daily quest or a big, fun piece to bring the party with. Whatever you’re looking for Happy Shack is the place to pick out something fun!

Glass Hand Pipes

Happy Shack offers a diverse selection of hand pipes. Neatly arranged in our display cases you are sure to find the perfect pipe that fits your taste and budget. All it takes is a little time and enthusiasm, which are never in short supply at Happy Shack!

Water Pipes & Bongs

Ready to cool down that smoke? Come take a peek at our latest collection of unique bongs and water pipes.  We get all kinds of unique pieces each and every week. Our shelves aren’t over-loaded or over priced!


We’ve got a beautiful selection of thin and thick glass bubblers. From pieces with animal-inspired mouth stems to one-of-a-kind bubblers with beautiful glasswork designs throughout – we’ve got an exciting collection just waiting for you to come scope out.

Chillums (One-Hitters)

We’ve always got a great selection of glass chillums, from simple, functional pieces to hand-made chillums that react to UV light and even ones that have the Colorado symbol! Most chillums are perfect for on-the-go smoking or a simple piece to use while you’re in town.

Sherlock Pipes

Who can’t resist a sherlock pipe? It makes for a distinguishing smoking experience and is always a pleasure to see one among the collection at home. We keep a lot of fun sherlock pieces in stock and our selection changes regularly, so come see what we have!

Gandalf Pipes

Ready to pack a giant bowl and pass an elegant pipe around your circle? Time for a Gandalf pipe! We try to always keep some on hand for when the mood strikes & a wizard just needs one for his hobbits!

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